Python if example

Python Program to get price and quantity of a product, calculate bill amount and calculate 10% discount for the bill amount 5000 and above.

Sample Input 1:

10 400

Sample Output 1:


Sample Input 2:

10 500

Sample Output:


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Program or Solution

noi=int(input("Enter the no of Items:"))
price=float(input("Enter the price:"))
amount=noi * price
print("Bill Amount: {}".format(amount))


Program Explanation

Get two inputs quantity and price from user using input() method

Calculate amount by using the expression amount = quantity * price Check whether amount is greater than 5000 using if statement.

if amount is greater than 5000 then calculate discount and amount using the expressions discount = amount * 0.05 and amount = amount - discount.

print amount using print() method.