Dead Lock Identification

July 28, 2022, 12:31 p.m. | Operating Systems

Problem Statement:

Three Electronic trouble Shooters namely Arjun, Ajith and Aravind are working in an Electronic Workshop. Electronic Workshop has three components those are 1 Multi meter, 1 Soldering machine and 1 Screw driver to trouble shoot electronic Products.  Arjun holds soldering machine and requires screw driver to trouble shoot his product. Ajith holds Screw driver and requires no more components to trouble shoot his product. Aravind holds multi meter and requires Screw driver to trouble shoot his product. Consider that no trouble shooter will release any of his held components without finish his work.


1. Will all the three complete their work at last?

2. How you Can identify the answer for Question 1?



1.      1. Yes they will complete their work.

2. Using Resource Allocation Graph. (IF RAG forms Cycle then there is a dead lock occurred)